Faculty & Staff Listing

The following is a list of Sacred Heart School faculty and support personnel.  To contact  a staff member via email, click on the address located to the right of the person’s name.



Position Name Email
Pastor Fr. Pat Sullivan frpat.sullivan@shoj.org
Principal Kathy Rhodes kathy.rhodes@shoj.org
Vice Principal & Technology Ben Chapman ben.chapman@shoj.org
School Counselor Lori Schierts lori.schierts@shoj.org
Kindergarten Laura Macan laurie.macan@shoj.org
Kindergarten Julia Hammond julia.hammond@shoj.org
First Grade Haley Trautloff haley.trautloff@shoj.org
First Grade Jenifer Gardner jenifer.gardner@shoj.org
Second Grade Kelly Russell kelly.russell@shoj.org
Second Grade Nora Tripp nora.tripp@shoj.org
Third Grade Christine Lyons christine.lyons@shoj.org
Third Grade Anne Novak anne.novak@shoj.org
Fourth Grade Alisha Caton alisha.caton@shoj.org
Fourth Grade Lauren Turner lauren.turner@shoj.org
Fifth Grade Amie Pendergast amie.pendergast@shoj.org
Fifth Grade Craig Whalen craig.whalen@shoj.org
Sixth Grade Kathleen Hess kathleen.hess@shoj.org
Sixth Grade Ami Barragree ami.barragree@shoj.org
Seventh Grade Michael Nguyen michael.nguyen@shoj.org
Seventh Grade Jessica Jones jessica.jones@shoj.org
Eight Grade Meghan O’Dowd meghan.odowd@shoj.org
Eighth Grade Sister M. Benedicta srm.benedicta@shoj.org
Middle School ELA Andrea Meidinger andrea.meidinger@shoj.org
Physical Education Thomas Harrison thomas.harrison@shoj.org
K-8 Art Brittni Jakuboski brittni.jakuboski@shoj.org
Music Cindy Reynolds cindy.reynolds@shoj.org
Learning Resource Sarah Hart sarah.hart@shoj.org
Learning Resource Kim Dreiling kim.dreiling@shoj.org
Reading Resource Jennifer Diel jennifer.diel@shoj.org
Reading Resource Kathleen Coup kathleen.coup@shoj.org
Para-Educator MaryTeresa Kissell maryteresa.kissell@shoj.org
Para-Educator Pam Staab pam.staab@shoj.org
Para-Educator Carol Tepper carol.tepper@shoj.org


Position Name Email
Administrative Assistant Cindy Weimer cindy.weimer@shoj.org
Lunch Supervisor Angie Boone angie.boone@shoj.org
Nurse Mary Hungerford mary.hungerford@shoj.org


List of Staff Favorites

This spreadsheet is a compilation of each staff member’s favorites! Teachers Favorite Things 2020