Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sacred Heart School Accredited?

Sacred Heart School is accredited by the State of Kansas as well as AdvancEd. We participate in all assessments required by the state of Kansas.

What makes Sacred Heart School different?

Based on testing results, Sacred Heart compares very favorably to our local public schools which have an excellent reputation. The difference lies in the mission of Sacred Heart School to develop the spirituality of each student. This is done in cooperation with parents and the Sacred Heart Parish as a whole.

The Catholic faith and Christian values are infused throughout each student’s day. Through prayer, daily religion instruction, community service, participation in the Eucharist and other Catholic traditions, Sacred Heart strives to lead each student closer to Christ.

Do students have to be Catholic to attend Sacred Heart School?

Students need not be Catholic to attend Sacred Heart School. Currently about 3.5% of our students are non-catholic. All students are expected to exhibit Christian actions and strive to model the teaching of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives.

What is the curriculum at Sacred Heart?

Sacred Heart School follows the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas Catholic Schools curriculum which is aligned with Kansas State Department of Education standards as well as infused with Catholic faith/values. We strive to provide learning experiences that enable all students to master the curriculum outcomes and maximize their God-given talents. The Archdiocesan curriculum can be found on the web at http://www.archkckcs.org/.

What are the qualifications of the faculty at Sacred Heart School?

Sacred Heart School adheres to the guidelines and requirements set forth by the Kansas State Department of Education. All SHS teachers are certified by the state of Kansas.

Can we set up a time to visit the school?

We encourage parents who want to know more about Sacred Heart School to visit during the school day. Contact the school office to set up a tour of the school or to schedule a shadow opportunity for a student.

How soon can I enroll my kindergartener?

You can call the school office any time during the current school year to receive information about the next year’s kindergarten.

Are there currently openings for students in Sacred Heart School?

Please contact the School’s Front Office Staff at 913.422.5520

What are the class sizes?

The average class size for the current school year is 23 students per class.

Why should we consider Catholic education for our children?

Catholic schools have a long tradition of excellence. By placing the teachings of Jesus Christ at the center of a strong academic curriculum, Catholic schools are able to educate the heart, mind, and soul of today’s young people. The goal of Sacred Heart School is to help each child become a faith filled, responsible and productive member of society.

Today’s students will see our world face a multitude of challenges. Catholic education will prepare them to meet those challenges with Christ in their life. Combining the technologies of today with values for life, Catholic school students will grow to be faithful Catholics, loving family members and responsible adults well equipped to become leaders of their communities.

Are there computers at Sacred Heart School?

Currently Sacred Heart School has a computer network of over 100 computers, and multiple Smartboard interactive whiteboards. Two computer labs are available for whole class instruction as well as two mobile Chromebook Labs and a mobile lab of iPads classrooms have access to for individual student use.

All students participate in a progressive technology curriculum that emphasizes technology as a tool for learning and communicating. Sacred Heart’s integrated technology curriculum includes a wide variety of skills from keyboarding to Microsoft Office applications to webpage design.

What does Sacred Heart offer beyond the core curriculum?

Students in grades K through 5 participate in Music, Art, Physical Education, Spanish and Technology classes. Students in grades 6 through 8 are offered quarterly electives like Art, Physical Education, Music, Spanish and Vocations are also offered.

Does Sacred Heart have a pre-school program?

Sacred Heart Parish has a pre-school program for children ages 3 and 4. Please contact the Preschool at 913.745.0293 for more information.

How often do students attend Mass?

All students attend Mass once per week. These Masses are usually held on Friday mornings at 8:15 but may occur on other days periodically to celebrate a special occasion, feast day, or Holy Day of Obligation.

Does Sacred Heart offer a hot lunch program?

Sacred Heart School offers a hot lunch program every day. The cost of the lunch is $3.50 and is prepared and delivered by a local vendor.

Does Sacred Heart offer an After School program?

Yes, the cost is $15 per day and the hours are from 3:20 – 6:00. While in After School, the children are given a snack, participate in active play, are provided study hall, and take part in various enrichment activities. For more information, please contact 913.422.5520.