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2021-2022 Lunch is available to students on a daily basis and will be free of charge.  We are participating in the Federal Lunch Program which is providing free lunches available for all SHOJ students.

Milk will be available for purchase daily and will be made at lunch time.  The cost of a milk is $0.30.

Any extra milk or seconds (seconds only available for middle school students) are available for purchase.  We ask that you maintain a positive lunch account balance.  Payments can be made via the link found below, or by check sent to the front office.

You may check your student’s lunch balance by logging into the school portal.

Make Lunch Account Payments Online!


Class Lunch Times

Kdg: 11:00 am

1st: 11:10 am

2nd: 11:20 am

3rd: 11:30 am

4th: 11:40 am

5th: 11:50 am

6th, 7th, & 8th: 12:25 pm