Back to School Night

As highlighted last night by Fr. Pat and Mrs. Engen, for the common good of your children and the school, we (administrators, teachers, parents, students) enter into a covenant- a unique, binding agreement for which Sacred Heart School and school families operate under.

We are requiring all families to thoroughly look over the covenant and subsequently sign.  The reason we’re formalizing it this year is to make it concrete-and visible.  Making it formal helps us understand its importance.

We ask you as a family to enter into prayer and look over the covenant carefully-helping your student understand their covenant agreement as well.  The teachers and staff are doing the same.  Then, we ask that the covenant be electronically signed by Tuesday, Sept 5th using the link below.

You can review and sign the covenant at this link:


You can review the video presented at Back to School night here.  We ask you watch it, then listen to the message from Fr. Pat Sullivan, pastor.

Link to the Video:  https://youtu.be/1oM8xq7-f7k

Link to Fr. Sullivan’s talk:  http://shoj.org/talk/backtoschoolnight/

We are very excited about the new school year.  You and your children are a blessing to us!  May God be with us as we continually strive for excellence in matters of spiritual, academic, and human formation at SHOJ school.