Rooted in Christ

Monsignor Berger had a great homily at 6:30 Mass on Friday, 3/3.  The Gospel was the one that has Jesus explains the commandments further, rather than just not killing someone, we should not even get angry. He reflected on a “Bill of Rights” for the church – sacraments, grace, mercy, etc. Then he talked about our obligations as well. He mentioned taking care of others and specifically volunteering. Lent is a time that calls for more, rather than just ridding ourselves of something, we need to also make changes so that we can follow Jesus more closely.

We hope that our Serve Day on Friday will bring some awareness to the needs of the community and inspire us to do more. Each class will focus on some aspect of what Catholic Charities does in relation to a work of mercy – such as feeding the poor, sheltering the homeless, instructing the uniformed, etc. The resource bus will be here as well. As students become aware of these needs, they will understand how their work can impact others. One-person volunteering does make a difference!

I have decided to take the challenge of Mrs. Meidinger to do the polar plunge next week to raise money for Happy Hearts Working.  If the students and families donate over $500 I will find myself in icy water next weekend. I am sure there will be video to prove it.  Supporting Happy Hearts is a work of mercy as they help adults with disabilities secure jobs, learn life skills and social development. Just send donations in an envelope to school, make checks payable to Happy Hearts Working.

Rooted in Christ,

Kathy Rhodes