Ash Wed Mass

I often wonder if March Madness in Kansas is referring to the weather! I hope that everyone had a great spring break and are ready to finish the 4th quarter strong.  We are almost half way through Lent. This Sunday we hear the Gospel about the prodigal son. This is great timing as the students will be going to confession next week on the 29th. The parable teaches us that God's great mercy is bigger than any sin.  At the same time, if you look at it from the practical way the world would have us do it, it isn't fair that the son who wasted so much is received back with a celebration.  The Word Among Us meditation for it explains the illogical part of this as, "But that's the point of the parable. God's love and mercy toward us is so extravagant that we have a hard time wrapping our heads around it.  We live in a world run by the logic of conditional love and cautious acceptance. But God uses the logic of divine love, not human 'justice,' The logic of divine love tells you that you have a heavenly Father who looks upon you with mercy, not judgment." I pray that the students understand this at reconciliation and that their forgiveness fells like a hug full of love.