April 8, 2022 News

Hello Families,

A small project that we have been working on for awhile is a new website that has an app tied to it.  When we send updates through a specific platform, it will update everything. This will make it easy to know where to find things. We are rolling this out slowly, starting with my weekly newsletter on the website. When you are there you can see other news from Nurse Mary and Lori Schierts.  When we get it all going, you may get push notifications from the app. We will start rolling out more information soon.

Sacrament of Confirmation preparation classes once a month on Sundays

for incoming 8th graders (current 7th graders) wanting to be confirmed next year


Great news - thanks to many CPS volunteers, all events will be scheduled for next year. Soon we will update the information on the website calendar.