8th grade graduates

Myla Pendergast

1. I have attended Sacred Heart since I was in preschool. I went to the preschool at the church but if that doesn't count then kindergarten. 

2. I am going to high school at Saint James Academy.

3. Some of my favorite things at Sacred Heart are the teachers, community, it being a small school, my mom working there and being down the halls, field day, field trips.

4. I will miss all the people I've been with since kindergarten.

5. I would say to stay strong and finish through. Study for everything and if you work hard enough you will get good results. 

6. Respect the teachers because they are very valuable and know everything. Mistakes are good because they give you an opportunity to learn things.

7. Organizational skills and finding out what works for me.

8. Every mistake is a chance to learn something.