Rooted in Christ

I am so excited the Jennie Punswick will be here Thursday night for our CPS Parent Night. I would encourage you to read the intro of Made This Way as she is going to help us unpack that. You will then have time with other parents to discuss it regarding your home situations. I promise that you will enjoy listening to her and learn a lot. We are in this together and it is so important that we live in community.

Part of our morning prayer on Friday is to prepare for Sunday’s Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  This Sunday is about the Good Shepherd – the one who leaves the 99 to find the one lost.  I think this reading is easily lost to our children, because 99 seems like a large amount and maybe one less is not that big of deal. Most of us are far from farms and thinking of a herd of sheep is impossible to imagine. This is why the virtues we teach are so important. Knowing our faith helps us understand.  We have to know that often, we will be with the 99, but that at other times, we are going to be the one sheep that the Good Shepherd needs to find. And when we are found, there will be rejoicing. Having faith doesn’t mean that all things will be easy or that nothing sad will happen to us. Our students live this when they do something that is hard for them, worry about a family member or perhaps loose a football game. These smaller challenges develop our faith for the bigger ones to come.

At a close friend’s funeral last week, she was quoted on the program from her Mass journal, something to the effect: we don’t have to know the plan but trust the planner. We learn to trust the planner by faith.

Rooted in Christ,

Kathy Rhodes

Important Dates:

9/12 All School Mass – Rosary before

9/14 Eucharistic Procession In School

9/15 Lemon Out Dress Down Day for donation – see invite on live feed;

                Parent Meeting – prizes and more – 7:00 MPC

10/4 Skate Party