Rooted in Christ

Last Monday, we had our first all school Mass in the MPC.  It is cozy and almost joyful to have us all so close together. I really appreciate all that people have done to make this possible – especially the teachers as they adjusted many schedules. I feel like, similar to Covid protocols, we will find things we like and improvements that we will keep. I attended Mass at Sacred Heart last Sunday and hope that you will also. It was very nice and I know that just like my parish, not having a proper church for a time, will help us appreciate all that we have so much more when we do.  We need to continue to come together as a community and support our parish, that does so much for us.

Speaking of procedures that we have kept, the current pick-up procedures were from Covid. In the past, it was just a line that all the cars waited in. The problem was that often the person first in line had the student that was last out of the building.  I know that we are all busy and have schedules to keep. The first priority is safety of our students, so please follow and respect the rules. We are safest when we aren’t stressed or hurried. It is important that no cars move until the all clear has been given when the first car will be let out and that we patiently follow the procedures for each lot.

I would also like people to be extra vigilant at drop off. With the church renovations, there are people parking in new places and more pedestrians in the lots. As the days get shorter, it will be darker in the morning and this will get worse before it gets better.

You should have an email with links to sign up for conferences – middle school families should sign up with the homeroom teacher only unless requested by another teacher. Conferences are at the end of this month. It is a little before the end of the quarter, but far enough in to have some productive conversations on how school is going. Please remember that the most important job of our students is developing their gifts and talents to serve the Lord in how He is calling. Yes, we want them to have great skills, but we also want them to work hard, learn from mistakes and help others along the way.

It has been a great week having our first Eucharistic Procession, joining other Catholic Schools in supporting Alex’s Lemonade Stand fundraiser and our CPS event. The last couple weeks in September are just as busy.  Here are some important dates:

Sept. 22 Donuts with Dads

Sept. 27 School Pictures (out of uniform)

Sept. 28 5th Grade Changing Bodies Presentation

Sept. 29 Conferences

Sept. 30 No School