Rooted in Christ

Parent teacher conferences are an important part of the school year for each student’s success. These are scheduled for a brief time to exchange important information the school has collected and parents have observed at home.

The teachers are preparing to share many things with you. They will share with you many assessments that we do at school. Some of these are nationally normed so that you have data on where your student is compared to others nationwide. Then like a coach, we all know what skills to practice.

These skills are not limited to academic skills alone.  There are also skills for executive functions as well. These are skills that help us organize, attend, remember, and get along with others like adults do in working environments.  Often, one or two of these need some coaching as well.

Finally, there are the most important skills that help us be Christ like to others through learning and practicing our faith, discerning God’s will and working for eternal life.

This is a lot to cover in 15 minutes!   If you have concerns that will require brainstorming or long discussions, we ask that you schedule additional time to accommodate this.  Conferences are most productive when you arrive on time and are able to prioritize questions (bringing a list might help).  This will help us use the time wisely to discuss how to move them forward as the school year continues.

As parents, you know that being a good, successful person isn’t dependent on the grades on a grade card or test scores on a report.  We are blessed that at a Catholic School we focus on the entire person and are able to combine the many aspects of being a good productive human and preparing for eternity. That is why we our motto is preparing minds for the future and souls for eternity.

Additionally, we need to know what our families think of how we are doing at school and what new things we should consider for the future. You will be getting a link emailed next week to complete an important survey to this end. Please take the time to share your thoughts and reflections.

If you would like to join some Sacred Heart Staff at the Gaudeamus dinner supporting scholarships for Catholic Students, please let me know. We have a table that may have room. The event is Oct. 29 at the Overland Park Convention Center, starting at 6:00 pm. We are having an out of uniform day to support this even on Oct. 12.

There are some open spots for class parties.  Please check your class and see if you can help.!/showSignUp/4090e4faba62daaf49-room4/22739342 Sept. 27 School Pictures (out of uniform)

Sept. 28 5th Grade Changing Bodies Presentation

Sept. 29 Conferences

Sept. 30 No School

Rooted in Christ,

Kathy Rhodes