Welcome Buck

We are excited to welcome a new staff volunteer to SHOJ. We would like to introduce  Buck as part the counseling office. He is a 12 year old dog who lives with Mrs. Caton (4th grade teacher) and her family. He is a mixed breed, but probably is about 80% Black Mouth Cur which is a family and child friendly breed. He is a well behaved pet, getting his training from the very best, Mr. Caton, who is the owner of KC Elite Dog Training. He will be here three days a week. Buck is a survivor of the F5 tornado that hit Joplin, Mo in 2011. He was 5 months old at that time and was found under rubble. He was brought to Wayside Waifs where Mr. Caton adopted him. Due to this trauma he will not come to school on days that are rainy or stormy.  But through it all, Buck developed a great deal of empathy and care for people, especially children. He is a perfect fit for the counseling department at SHOJ and has already brought smiles and comfort to many in his introductory visits.

Please reach out to Kathy Rhodes or Lori Schierts with questions or concerns. We are confident that Buck will be a positive addition to our school community.