Rooted in Christ

I know that any time our children go through a transition, as parents it is can be an even bigger transition for us because as we go through it with them, we have both memories and adult lessons that influence us.

This is especially true for our students starting a new school year. As I follow up with teachers after the first conference, I hear that some of you feel some of these pains. I can assure you that each of our teachers care about your child as children of God and have high expectations for academics in order for them to be able to have choice in their future education. An essential part of having this choice is based on students accepting the challenge to learn and implement habits that will support this success.

I can also assure you that what we ask of our teachers is a tremendous task. The middle school and specials teachers each have 140+ students that they love and desire 100% buy in from day one. The teachers know that it is a process to move students from one point to another. They guide and challenge them through this process. The process is not the same from year to year or even from student to student. It is a journey that the teachers love or they would have a different career.

There needs to be a lot of grace from everyone in this process. In the end we all love our children and desire an excellent education where they grow to use their talents to serve God in this world and the next.  As we wrap up the first quarter, I know that there are grades that will be on the report card. I am not sure if you recall your first quarter grades from your report card at your child’s level, but I want to assure you that the teachers will continue on this journey with you and your students. Please read all the emails they send, carefully consider the information and suggestions that they contain, and reach out if needed to discuss how the partnership is going on your student’s journey. Together, let’s prepare minds for the future and souls for eternity.

Special thanks to the CPS for the excellent jobs on the donuts with dads and mornings with moms. I would also like to thank the Rosary committee for the hard work.  Please see the new information on the web page.  Finally, thanks to CPS teacher committee and all the parents who spoiled the teachers during conference day. You do incredible work!

On Oct. 12 we are excited to support other Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese with families who need the help of CEF Scholarships on Wednesday with our dress down day (hoping for an average of $2 per student) and have an author visit that day as well.