Rooted in Christ

Many hands make light work! Thanks for all the support to make beautiful things happen. SHOJ students and staff raised over $2,300 for the Catholic Education Foundation. Together with SJA and other Catholic Schools, the Lemon Out raised $133,789.93 for pediatric cancer.

In the Gospels, we hear many stories of how people take care of each other. This is such an important lesson for our kids to see in action. Thank you for all you do to be great role models. I also heard about some students who generously gave their own money (at least one over $125 - because the teacher checked to make sure it was with permission). In a world where things and possessions are so important, these moments of generosity help us all have hope.

Today the teachers were busy with Suicide Awareness training - please make sure to read the Counselor's News on this, School of Faith, and some recertified in CPR. It was a busy day, but reminded me that we just don't teach academics, we are here to prepare minds for the future and souls for eternity.

Finishing out October:

22nd - Parish Food Truck and Movie Night after 4:30 Mass

28th - fire drill with the Fire Department, Trunk or Treat 6:30

31st - Halloween parties 2:15-2:45, parade out of school starting at 3 in the courtyard.

Nov. 1 All Saints Day Holy Day of Obligation - students will attend 8:15, other masses at 6:30 and 7:00 PM

Watch for CYO basketball information - we will put it on the documents tab of the website.

Rooted In Christ,