Rooted in Christ

This weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King as the liturgical year comes to an end. In a resource book on blessings Elizabeth Jeep says, “As the Church’s year end, our thoughts turn to the end of time, when Jesus will gather his people into glory. We use images and symbols to think about those events because no one knows exactly how it will come about. Jesus explained to everyone that his kingdom is not like worldly kingdoms, where rulers abuse power and burden their people. He does not rule with armies but with truth. He does not have a great palace but a great heart filled with love. In his kingdom the oppressed become free, the poor inherit the land, the merciful receive mercy, and the hungry eat like queens and kings.”

We are not called to wait for this kingdom but know that Christ our king has come to us and we look forward to celebrating this. I was so proud of all the clothing items collected for the students at an urban school with the leadership class. It was so appreciated.

Another opportunity to build Christ’s kingdom on earth is the SHOJ Angel tree. Help meet needs of families in our parish. Just follow the link to sign up and share the spirit of Christmas.  Details described in this sign-up link:

Finally, before you consider purchasing items for teachers, SHOJ offers the opportunity to support the entire staff with a Christmas fund. The money collected is distributed to staff and usually makes a nice cash gift.  Here is the link for that for parents to contribute before Dec. 11 at midnight:

We are looking forward to Near and Dear day. Our biggest concern is for the students to enjoy time with their guests.  The schedule is a recommendation and we will be here to help people find their way to classrooms.  God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving.