Rooted in Christ

This week we light the rose candle, “Gaudete” which is the Latin word that means rejoice.  There are many ways to rejoice during the holiday season.  Some you may have experienced joy in the form of Christmas music, baking cookies, a special show, or another tradition.  It is often these simple activities, that make our hearts are most joyous. 

One of the things I love most about this time of year is that we all have faith to believe without the proof of seeing.  I think this is one of the most important aspects about celebrating Christmas, we know that Jesus was born to save us, and we don’t even have to see it.

The meditation in the book, Breakthrough to Joy, by Thomas Merton said it beautifully in yesterday’s meditation, “Our task is to seek and find Christ in our world as it is, and not as it might be.  The fact that the world is other than it might be does not alter the truth that Christ is present in it and that his plan has been neither frustrated nor changed.  All will be done according to his will.  Our Advent is the celebration of this hope.  What is uncertain is not the “coming” of Christ but our own reception of him, our own response to him, our own readiness and capacity to “go forth to meet him.”  We must be willing to see him and acclaim him, as John did, even at the very moment when our whole life’s work and all its meaning seem to collapse.”

Sometimes a step away from our usual traditions helps them mean even more. This year with renovations, we may feel like it is not the same. Often, when I feel this way, a blessing pops up. A week ago, our middle school students got a peek at the church while learning about the careers of those working in the church. Reconciliation this week was very different, but the students went to the Adoration Chapel to say their penance in the real Presence of the Eucharistic.  I am encouraging the teachers to share the videos from the church to help us find the meaning in our renovated building. I am a little amazed at how fast the time is going – we will be back in their before we know it.

It is the wish of everyone at Sacred Heart of Jesus School that you will find joy in the faith of believing without seeing.  That you will see the good things that happen during this season as signs of Jesus Christ in our world today.  Finally, that this faith will keep you and your family close to Jesus during the holiday and throughout the new year. 

A full week of school with all school Mass on Monday, continuing testing for the semester and preparation for the program on the 19th.  Watch for a Rosary Committee on the feed.

Rooted in Christ,

Kathy Rhodes