Nurse 1/13

Hello Sacred Heart Families-

In light of the recent near tragedy regarding Damar Hamlin, I was offered complimentary registration to attend a school nurse forum on sudden cardiac death on Wednesday evening. Damar's story ended with the best possible outcome, but sadly, not all of these scenarios have a happy ending. For that reason, I felt a strong pull to attend this webinar. It was very informative and I learned many things. After the presentations, I was pleased to know that, as a whole, Sacred Heart School is well equipped in the case of sudden cardiac death. For instance, we have an AED available within 2-3 minutes of any place on our campus and we have at least 10% of our staff CPR certified.  But, like all things in life, if we are not constantly looking for ways to improve, we will fall short. So, I have already started brainstorming on how we can continue to build upon our efforts to prevent sudden cardiac death in our school community. I want to expand our CPR/AED training, to get more school staff and even get parent volunteers/coaches involved in training. As we know, knowledge is power and in this case, it can save precious lives. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding this very important topic.

Have a blessed and happy long weekend!

Nurse Mary