Rooted in Christ

He said to them, come after me and I will make you fishers of men. Mt 4:19

Ordinary time has great readings during Mass that tell us about Jesus’ mission.  On Sunday the 22nd, we hear the familiar story hinted at above. We often describe ordinary time as a time for growing (somewhat based on its color, green). The teachers are learning during School of Faith sessions to look for three things in the readings:  1) the literal aspect – Jesus needs them to help Him get followers; 2) what this reveals about morality – He wants to save everyone; and finally 3) how it leads us to heaven – we have to follow Jesus. We have 7 weeks of growing until we start the season of Lent. Each weekend, listen to the readings differently to see what applies during this period in your life. Growing closer to Jesus and the goal of heaven is why SHOJ exists. Enrollment will happen next week. You will get an email with all the details and there will be very little that you need to do as we will just roll over everyone’s information in FACTS (it will keep things the same as this year). All families will need to log into the school portal and make sure information is complete and click enroll for next year. As soon as you log in you will see a reminder to do so. Current families that have Kindergartners to add, as you get to the end of the verifying of current information, there will be a place to add new students.  On Feb. 1 if we haven’t heard from you about a change, we will enroll you in the Admin system as well. 

Rooted in Christ,

Kathy Rhodes