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In the past, we have done a required parent meeting called the State of the School and handed out enrollment packets. Since enrollment is done electronically, we thought we would do the address via video as well. It is a little longer than ideal, but the 15 minutes of teachers, students and updates is well worth it.

The committee of teachers that works on School Improvement and Accreditation meets once a month to work on the cycle of continuous improvement. This includes more than teaching, test scores, etc. We are asked to survey all stake holders each year, analyze and make adjustments as needed. In our parent survey last fall, the lowest scores were with categories that related to sharing plans about financial information, technology and facilities. You will find much of that information in both these videos.

We also made a presentation to the parish finance council last November and in addition to the Near and Dear video, teachers presented on particular subjects to give them an update on what the school is doing. Because this information might be of interest to all of you too, we edited the video for the State of the School information to include the teacher presentations. I am only sharing both because the student features are different in the two versions. The script is similar in both videos, and the state of the school one is more complete. 

Please remember that we are currently enrolling – just two steps for you to take. Log into admin and update information for the 23-24 school year and let Cindy Weimer know if you need to change your FACTs plan in any way. If we don’t hear from you, we will automatically enroll you in school and in the same payment plan.

State of the School Video:

Original video shared on Near and Dear day:

Let's celebrate Catholic Schools.  

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Kathy Rhodes